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Less confusing confusion matrices with Seaborn

In this post I use a JointGrid with bar plots to make confusion matrices less confusing

Using hugo from a GitHub codespace

In this tutorial we will learn how to set up GitHub codespaces to comfortably write your Hugo posts

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Creating a HeatMap with marginal distributions using Seaborn

In this post I create a neat heatmap using Seaborn's JointGrid without modifying the DataFrame, and using data from my master's thesis"

Migrating from SSHFS to NFS

First of all, this is not a tutorial, this is more like a lab notebook of my experience trying to ditch sshfs and start using NFS. The main problem I had with sshfs is that it is not very reliable as a file system to remain mounted 24/7. For example, I had some problems unmounting it when it got stuck in a machine, creating lots of zombie processes. The only solution was to literally restart the machine… Furthermore, its GitHub repo was archived more than a year ago, so these issues will not be addressed soon....

Computing information retrieval metrics in Pytorch Geometric

How to calculate metrics like precision@k, recall@k and r-precision for information retrieval and recommender systems in PyTorch Geometric