Migrating from SSHFS to NFS

First of all, this is not a tutorial, this is more like a lab notebook of my experience trying to ditch sshfs and start using NFS. The main problem I had with sshfs is that it is not very reliable as a file system to remain mounted 24/7. For example, I had some problems unmounting it when it got stuck in a machine, creating lots of zombie processes. The only solution was to literally restart the machine… Furthermore, its GitHub repo was archived more than a year ago, so these issues will not be addressed soon....

How to export your Pocket data to Omnivore

In this tutorial I provide a Jupyter notebook to exp your data from Pocket and upload it to Omnivoreort

Using ROS2 in Coppelia

With this tutorial you will learn how to use ROS2 in the Coppelia simulator (formerly V-REP) with the simExtROS2 library, using the lidar to build a map.

Compiling and publishing multilingual LaTeX with GitHub

I have been wanting to publish my CV in my personal site for quite some time, but first I needed to make sure that it was always up-to-date. I.e. that it was compiled and published automatically every time I made some changes to the source file. Since 5 years ago, my CV is written using LaTeX, using (and modifying) the Awesome CV template. On top of that, I added a few things to make it bilingual, compiling either in Spanish or English, making the document available in multiple languages....

How to create a "Work in progress" banner for your website

My personal website is currently made in Symfony. Yeah, I know, not the best thing for this purpose, but I started it a few years ago, when I was younger and carelessler… A few days ago, I decided I wanted to refactor my website and create a whole new one, using a static site generator. Ended up deciding on Hugo, btw. As the old one was a bit, well, clunky, I wanted the new one to be online ASAP as possible....