We all know that since the last couple of years we can ask any web that services EU citizens to delete our data, but… we can also ask them to send us our data, in a legible format.

To prevent us from exerting our rights, a lot of sites use dark patterns, tricks that make you do things that you didn’t mean to, so you give up before finishing your task. An aggressive design that can frustrate users and makes us scream against the screen: “I DON’T WANT MY DATA ANY MORE!!”

That’s why Just Get My Data was created. It’s a directory of direct links, with notes and mini-tutorials to make it easier to get your data. There are a lot of services, and you can sort, search and filter them (by difficulty, for example).

For example, Apple, Coinbase, LinkedIn and Google have a green, easy difficulty level. This means that they have set up an automatized and easy to follow process to exercise your GDPR rights. On the other hand, platforms like Twitch have a red, difficult colour, as you have to follow a manual process, sending them e-mails in English (which can be a problem if it’s not your main language), giving them more personal data, telling them why you want your data, and finding the One Ring.

This semaphore system allows us to call-out companies and, maybe some CEO doesn’t like to have their company listed in red.

JustGetMyData is a fork of JustDeleteMe, a web that helps you similarly to delete your account from online services sorting out dark patterns.

It’s free software, so you can help too if you want. A lot of people helped translate the page to multiple languages, or new entries on how to get your data from a service. If you want to participate developing Just Get My Data, you can do so on GitHub, we are happy to receive any help!

Did you know all your rights? Or did you just know about the right to delete your data?