Hi! First, I wanted to present myself. I’m David Davó, a last-year CS student from Madrid, Spain.

I love playing with computers, setting up things, then breaking them, and then fixing them and setting them up again. But sometimes, this requires remembering how the fuck did you do it to fix it last time, which can be difficult if you don’t have a very good memory. That’s why I’m setting up this thing, so the last time I break something in my home network or whatever, I can go here and fix it again. I’ll also try to share some things I consider worth sharing, just in case they are useful for someone.

In this blog (name yet to be determined) you’ll find:

  • Lots of technobabble
  • A bit about decentralized things
  • Maybe something about CS stuff
  • A byte or two about self-hosting
  • My projects and whereabouts
  • Translations to spanish of content I found interesting (always crediting the original poster)
  • Software, blogs and books recommendations…

If you see this entry is not the first one, that’s because when I publish my notes about projects, I’ll add them using the date when the notes were written, and not the date the post was uploaded.